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Even with that though, a user should be able to gain momentum by having success early on. Customer support is really great. Decision Support Features. By that meaning using it for getting basic data on the back end, then coding the front end of the reports myself.

We've yet to reach the limits of the tool, and believe me when I say that we have tried. View full list of Decision Support Software.

Numerous export formats, versatile software which offers a savvy developer several avenues to accomplish the requirements of their audience. Information Builders is truly a partner for success.

However, when I'm troubleshooting a report, I tend to use the text editor, which allows me to look directly at the code. Had many people complain about performance of the environment. Never have seen any other company so focused on customers. Please report your concern.

Cons WebFocus does take some training to put together meaningful reports and dashboards. They purchased WebFocus to begin building out and modernizing client portals, logo motion with more visually-appealing charts and graphs in dashboard layout.

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Ease of use and intuitive. Great product, has a learning curve. Pros The platform is very flexible and deep in capabilities.

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There are a lot of features, so it is not always obvious to pick the right one for a specific requirement. If you are an analyst and need to do a quick, one-off analysis, it works for that as well. Please click on the link in that email to finalize your review submission.

AppStudio licensing vs Reports Developer - reduce that to one version. Compare with Oracle Hyperion Planning. The strength is in mining data The main use for me is to create dashboards.

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Great product, very flexible and powerful Pros I like the fact that WebFocus is able to solve a lot of problems. Cons The software is fine. Ease of use is a main struggle point for the software. This software meets all of the enterprise reporting needs for our organization.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few

Complexity - have such a flexibility product has cause it to be very complex and partly a black box, where issues may arrive in different parts of the system. Government Administration, employees. Cons Have experienced a few hiccups when upgrading from one release to another, but with the assistance of their technical support team, we were able to resolve issues promptly. On occasion, new functionality takes a release or two to stabilize.


Logistics and Supply Chain, employees. The focus no pun on grabbing data and messaging it into meaning information. View full list of Business Intelligence Software.

Your environment will carry a heavy influence on how successful the implementation will be. Scalability - be able to manage multiple clients with ease. Sometimes upgrades are tough and we have a lower confidence level that everything is going to work. Specifically, the tools to achieve that are in one place and helpful in constructing pages to analyze data, such as dashboards.

The tool does an exceptional job of delivering information to many users. They have been not just a vendor, but a true business partner who cares about the success of their clients. Would also like to see more accelerators for the various business units to help accelerate adoption in our company. Not Likely Extremely Likely.

This way I am able to create the reports and dashboards with more functionality, modern styling and have them be responsive for viewing on multiple platforms Desktop, tablet, phone. Power users still not able to work independently. When working in the editor, changes can be made quickly, and large chunks of code can easily be cut and pasted to expand the functionality of the report. Sometimes the deployment is right outside the corporate firewall. Also for the summit, prefer location in Florida.

WebFOCUS Software

Compare with Splunk Cloud. Many of the features in new releases are directly related to customer reque. Build Robust and Easy-to-use Customer Portals.

The platform is very flexible and deep in capabilities. This is rapidly changing for the better, but historically has lagged behind other reporting vendors. Very easy o learn and have users to adapt to it.

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