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He provided good entertainment as well. This situation provokes Srinivasachari who starts behaving unpredictably and lashes out at a film producer about his brother's music compositions during his music sitting and also at the media. The surprise pack of the film is Amukta Malyada. The plus points of the film are traditional-taking of the film reminiscent of the K Viswanath's old films with musical backdrop.

Srikanth looks pretty routine in the beginning of the film. However there are some situations in the film that should be appreciated. Gopala Krishna Murthy Written by K.

Sivaji has proved with this film that he could do any kind of roles with ease. On the flipside, she does not have charming screen presence for casual scenes scenes not involving traditional dances.

Camerawork by Durga Prasad is good. Swarabhishekam links Photo Gallery.

Swarabhishekam Telugu Movie

There is one scene Sivaji creating artificial environment of his debut singing for the sake of his blind mother in the film that would bring tears. Surekha Laya - an anchor by profession - likes Ranga. Filmography of Kasinathuni Viswanath.

The audio soundtrack for Swarabhishekam was composed by Vidyasagar. Swarabhishekam is a Telugu drama film written and directed by K.

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Background music also suits the theme of the film. Viswanath also essayed the lead role, along with Srikanth, Sivaji, and Laya. They follow the old tradition of joint family.

Srirangam Brothers always try to help aspiring singers in their music compositions. Also, Surekha starts to show her hostile and disrespectful behavior towards Srinivasachari. This film supports a huge cast. Urvasi is appropriate as wife of K Viswanath.

After marriage, Surekha starts to feel that her husband is contributing a lot for the success of Srirangam brothers, while Srinivasachari is walking away with all the credit, honor and accolades. And this kind of narration might not go well with the present day movie lovers. Music by Vidya Sagar suits the requirements.

Srirangam brothers always try to help aspiring singers in their music compositions. Heading Details Close Help. Dialogues by Ramesh - Gopi are adequate. The love angle between Sivaji and Amukta Malyada is very sensible and romantic.

The dubbing voice rendered to her is appropriate. Sridhar is very impressive as a music loving cobbler. Srikanth, Sivaji, Laya, Urvashi, K. Srirangam Brothers are the biggest music directors in the Telugu film industry Tollywood and compose music for only traditional and classical genres.

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Most of the film was shot at Ramoji Film City. She is good and dubbed the voice herself. But he performs well towards the end of the film as the repenting man who had agonized his brother. Directorate of Film Festivals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The negative points are slow narration and handling in the second half. Srikanth Sivaji Laya Urvashi K.

There is no compactness in the film as director has taken his own time to establish the characters. Direction of the film is a bit old-fashioned. Laya did the role that has a bit of grey shades pang of jealousy and inclination towards nucleus family.

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Srirangam Brothers are the biggest music directors in Telugu film industry Tollywood and compose music for only traditional and classical genres. Srirangam Brothers are musicians by profession and they become the biggest music directors in Telugu film industry with their traditional and classical music. Surekha slowly understands Srinivasachari's and Ranga's music calibre and realizes that the two brothers can only excel in their music when they stay united.

Movie review - Swarabhishekam. However, file extension converter software breaking into classical songs and dances in many situations in the film makes it a bit uninteresting.

The Telugu film lovers who grew up on the diet of watching K Viswanath films might get nostalgic while watching this film. Sivaji is good as an aspiring singer.

This scene is extraordinarily handled. Swarabhishekam Directed by K. The woman who did the role of Sridhar's wife is also very authentic. The second half is a bit boring.