Stanley plane dating pictures, stanley planes model number reference

By cross-referencing the key features below, you should be able to narrow down the age of your plane to within a few years of manufacture. This plane was in very bad shape when I received it. This page is the best resource I know for dating them.

The sides of the plane lack the handy holds. It does not have the handy hokds and it also has no brass on it at all. Any help would be appreciated and let me know if you want pics. Notify me of new posts via email.

Rather than try to create a formal type study, scream matchmaking I decided to focus more on the practical goal of simply establishing criteria for dating the planes within the narrowest possible time frame. Notice also the size difference between the Brass depth adjuster. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. These are far more common.

How Many Patent Dates do you see behind the handplane frog

Earlier block planes had the tensioning lever on the bottom of the rear of the cap, whereas later planes had the lever on the top center. May be from the war years. Different features have different patent dates. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

Stanley Planes Model Reference Number

That meant re-using old images, not the current model, and were known to used up previous inventories of parts, wherever possible. No dates, replacement part or possibly still a copy? You sometimes run into both types on a plane.

How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)

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Wood and Shop

It was a real rust bucket when I received it. That was to minimize the nut sticking into the wood. Other unusual characteristic is smaller diameter lever cap screw into the body. The front knob and adjuster wheel are both steel.

Virginia Toolworks

It has no marking on the cap, except a B on the underside. While comprehensive type studies exist for the no. There should, however, christian dating 3rd date be four patent dates on the top of the lateral adjustment lever. On the casting just under the blade and rear of the screw left of center is a C.

  • Then on the front I think it is called eccentric adjustment.
  • Note Revonoc is Conover spelled backwards.
  • Sounds like what you have is a no.
  • Features not seen after that point.
  • While there are still some gaps and inconsistencies across models some of which appear within the published type studies of the nos.

It would make sense if it was a copy, missing patent dates, definitive cycle of online dating etc. Not unusual to see multiple dates on the various parts of planes. The blade logo can be dated by looking at Bob Kaune study.

Indexed by Model Number
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  2. Any other features mentioned that close the range of time down.
  3. The front knob is of the low type.
  4. The one on the left shows the slim waist while the other still has the cylindrical form.
  5. Two patents Nos appears on the casting, right behind the frog and the rear tote and there is no screw to adjust the frog from the rear.
  6. Brass front knob steel real knob.

Block Plane Dating

The Valley Woodworker Type dating a Stanley plane

What year would that put it? It is also about that time that the brass nuts holding the knob and tote start to change from a cylindrical form to one with a waist on them. Impossible to narrow further without more information. None on the bed, cap, levers, etc.

Frog now have a slot at the bottom for the central rib. What was their relationship with Rev o noc, and how long did it seem to last? Would love to nail it down. The front knob and adjustment wheel are all steel. By continuing to use this website, someone you agree to their use.


Stanley Planes Model Number Reference

Just too bad the throat is seriously damaged. Let me know if you wanted any pics of the plane. Email Address never made public. Japaned Lever cap and top of base.

Using existing reference material from the previous type studies, I poured over old catalogs, advertisements, the planes themselves, and anything else I could get my hands on.

Block Plane Dating

On the chart the S and B foundry mark seem to end in Like Like. Im almost done, finding all the pics I need. Me too that is why i first done it years ago.

To your question, Stanley and others made at least some of the Rev-O-Noc branded planes. Has anyone seen a thinner rear knurled adjustment screw without the Stanley logo stamped on the screw of a no. Did Stanley ever use a knob with a ferrule on their block planes?

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