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To reach this goal, microcapsules with coffee essential oil were used. Your name Your email address Message. Characteristic that turned out to be very important was the shape of the packaging body but in terms of ergonomics and ease of use.

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  1. While these fillers increase absorption, they also affect colour, opacity, gloss, surface roughness, contact angle etc.
  2. The language of definition should be as logically precise as possible.
  3. The long-term stability was tested by viscosity measurement.


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Active smart textiles are fitted with sensors and actuators, in order to connect internal parameters to the transmitted message. Municipalities and cities of Serbia. In this research, fine art print technique which presents the artistic expression to the viewer with today's technology will be discussed. The purpose of this study, beating and pH is to improve the effect on cellulosic dyeing and paper properties. Among the methods of reducing paper surface roughness, sizing, coating and calendering processes can be counted.

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Less visible colour combinations of text and background were read more slowly than the more contrasting or visible ones at both typefaces. Due to this complexity in its chemical structure documents and banknotes have a greater abrasion resistance and lower rate of tampering. Definition from Wiktionary, a free dictionary.

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During the socialist period, new blocks with wide streets and multi-story buildings were built around the city core. The experimental part presents a framework for the inventory of available documentation that were collected and categorised, processed and selected with the purpose of further procedures. Our research was focused on the effect of ultrasonic treatment on the solutions for the preparation of the mentioned films. Through its visual identity the park reflects its uniqueness, strategies, and vision, thus communicating with its current and potential visitors.

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Anaerobic degradation is one of the most environmentally friendly methods for solid organic waste treatment and widely applied for bio-energy production. Our model was trained on the Caltech image dataset and its performance was tested on two other image datasets. Niste pronali ono to know each house for dating. There are also a couple of small recreational marinas on the river. These packaging differed not only in shape but also in materials from which they were made and the type of opening system.

Modeling biometric processes reveals a series of discussions in various fields, mainly in medicine and in the digital image processing field. This paper intends to reveal the present status regarding Digital Printing Standardization. Polylactide is one of the most promising polymers because of its biocompatibility, biodegradability and the fact that it can be produced from the biobased feedstocks.

Smart textiles can be defined as textiles that are able to sense and respond to changes in their environment. Besides that, these materials and adaptations usually do not fulfil the requirements of adequate museum experience therefore, the need of improving the current state is necessary. They are open for all citizens. Novi Sad has dedicated cycle-paths along most of its avenues. It was presented on-screen and viewed by participants.

In this paper, we present a web-based application that supports an interactive selection of colours and can be used to gather prominent colours for a set of images. There are many football pitches in Novi Sad's neighborhoods, as well as in every town and village in the suburbs. The localization is expressed as a corresponding saliency map, 27 year old man dating which identifies the relevance of individual image regions and provides a saliency value for each pixel of the given image.

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Each week teams get live feedback from the agency. The contact angle, absorbency and surface energies of all the obtained surfaces were determined. Environmental pollution, as well as alarming reduction of fossil fuels have led to the implementation of the strategies for pollution control, pollution prevent, carlsbad energy and resources saving. Results indicated that the applied waste material is effective as iron source in modified Fenton processes for treatment of effluent containing mixture of dyes. The plasticizers selected by us are characterized by a large number of functional hydroxyl groups.

At both typefaces, it was seen that at a slower reading speed, more fixations were needed and vice-versa. First step in our process is to divide all participants into teams of five. Best speed dating u srbiju? See more info or our list of citable articles. Free speed dating u hrvatskoj.

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To apply the colour to the material, heat pressure is used. Among printability characteristics paper brightness, colour, yellowness, roughness, air permeability, specular gloss, print penetration, picking, and print unevenness were determined. Though it seems that numerous adjustments are being used, the reality shows that they are still rare. This study investigates the influence of the type of a beverage on its packaging shape.

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Members of the city assembly and mayor are elected at direct elections. The analysis of the obtained results confirmed that particular formal attributes, singular or combined, are more complex than others, that is a gradient of letterform complexity was revealed. Today, Novi Sad is the second cultural centre in Serbia besides Belgrade and city's officials try to make the city more attractive to numerous cultural events and music concerts. Neighborhoods in Sremska Kamenica. The tested shapes were made with two types of paperboard with recycled fibre and virgin pulp and different grammage.

The reading speed and fixations were analysed with an eye-tracking device Tobii X. Team has to begin working together and the final results of this cooperation is team's identity name, logo. As such, this paper can be regarded as a first attempt to preview the basis where standardization for digital printing processes can be developed.

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Harizma Speed Dating u kafi u Kod Fleka u Novom Sadu
  • Experiments of the swelling of printing plate were carried out in order to assess the effect of the varnishes on the chemical changes in the photopolymer material.
  • Later throughout the history, geometric patterns evolved and the most impressive achievements in landscape architecture were reached in France during the period of baroque.
  • Apart from the culture of attending sports events, people from Novi Sad participate in a wide range of recreational and leisure activities.
  • These discussions range from the simulation levels of these models to those of application and concrete products that use biometric systems for identifying and recognizing individuals.
  • The purpose of this paper is to emphasize the mutual connection of the art elements and personality factors and their final influence on the unique appearance of the character.

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The club has used the friendship built between Canadian hockey teams and players. Football and basketball are the most popular participation team sports in Novi Sad. It was a cultural and political centre of Serbs, best safe free dating who did not have their own national state at the time.

It has information for getting in as well as some complete entries for restaurants and hotels. Novi Sad had always been a relatively developed city within Yugoslavia. In this study, an analysis of the impact that rubbing has on the print will be done. Neighborhoods in Petrovaradin.

Specifically, this paper deals with influential properties of the printing plates and porous printing substrates paper, board. Around the center, old small houses used to dominate the cityscape, sims 3 internet dating but they are being replaced by modern multi-story buildings. The most popular sport in the city is definitely football.

Numerous materials and systems are available together with devices for sensing and actuation, but they are not compatible with a textile or with the textile production processes. Digital printing systems that have emerged since the year offer a new laboratory environment that today's artists can experience as a means of expression, beside their technological developments. Other calculations are done in a software application in Microsoft Excel.

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