Software To Password Protect A Folder

Free Software To Password Protect Folders

This software uses various encryption algorithms and lets you set password to hide files and folders. The good part is that this free security software has got a capability to password protect or hide multiple personal folder at a time. To open or make locked folder public, smartassembly 6 you need to re-open this software by entering the correct password and selecting the folder to unlock. It would be great to see Microsoft release a Windows version which allows users to password-protect specific folders that contain sensitive data.

How to Password Protect a Folder in Windows 10

For adding files or folders, you need to simply drag and drop them onto the list below. It basically lets you create a virtual drive of user defined size and apply password on this virtual drive. Folder Lock is also a good choice as a folder locker software, having a simple interface.

To do so, it lets you browse desired folder and then set password to secure folder with it. Using this method repeatedly, you can lock as many folders as you want. It provides double layered password protection. You can unlock folders in a similar manner.

For extra security, use a password to prevent anyone from accessing your files. Installation is not required. In this way, you can encrypt all your personal files and folders. You can lock multiple folders inside a locker.

Protect Me is also a free security software which aims to protect files and folders on your computer. Folder Guardian is a free standalone software to lock folders with password. First of all, it lets you set a case sensitive password that will be used to protect lockers that will be further used to lock folders. It lets you set password and also password hint to remind you about password. If that sounds like what you want, the process is really easy.

Encrypted files can be stored on the local disk, on a server, on external storage or in the cloud. We use it in our organisation and it is hassle free and the support is much better than Secure Folder. As you press the Enter key, Folder Locker command prompt window will disappear along with the Locker folder.

You can also change this password. Also, there is an option available to specify time limit to close the protected folder, when the user is idle for that specified limit.

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It also lets you protect files with passwords. Many of them use password to protect folders, while some just lock folders with their own methods.

40 Best Free Software To Password Protect Folders For Windows

To restore access to your protected folders you have to reopen the program and use the unlock button. It also has a specified icon to unlock folders. You might as well just right click the folder and select hidden for all the security this. With encryption, you know your file is incredibly secure and that only the right person can access it.

There is no limit related to number of files and folders to protect using this software. You can effortlessly unlock a previously locked folder.

8 tools to password protect your folders in Windows

First of all, it lets you setup a password for both, launching the software and locking folders with. It is one of the easiest software to protect your private data from other users. It uses a single master password, it has a minimal user interface, and it does not offer any settings that you can fiddle with. Unlocking the folder is also an effortless task, since it provides a dedicated option to unlock the folder.

You can set a master password and that will be required to lock and unlock files or folders. Hide from view feature basically helps you to keep the personal folders away from the sight. It lets you browse and lock only a single folder at a time using password, to protect your important data from others. There are also many software that even let you create virtual drive to save folders in them.

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All the folders you chose to protect are immediately locked, and they are also hidden. Now, you can choose a folder to lock by browsing it. You can also use hide and lock feature of these software. Now, the selected folder will be unlocked and available for everyone.