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Hi Rajesh New pattern is not yet released, but it is expected that it will be having assertion reasoning questions, pictures and more clinical questions. You can refer standard textbooks if you do not understand a certain topic.

Hello sir, pinnacle 52 software i am doing my subject wise guides. One of my Post graduate told me to take leave for last one month of internship october so that i can focus on entrance preparation only. Please also suggest mcq book for recent aiims papers as amit ashish not available for the same. Will platinum notes suit my need? It is better than the above-mentioned book for Paediatrics.

Would you suggest readin it now? So you can write the exam. Many students crack exams without even seeing face of it. You can also consider Pharmacology if you want to enter into corporate world.


You can still talk to your senior and take their opinion about the same. Platinum notes new edition is the most updated and better than other books. Hello sir where can I get anatomy by dr. On daily basis it will be very difficult as I am busy with other work as well. Subject wise books are enough.

Explanations are very small and not much useful. Test series plus the books would be a good combination. Along with those you can read Major subjects in details.


List of must read books for AIPGME

Also I have given number of weeks you should give to each subject. Pathology or Microbiology or forensic?

Means I want to revises my strength back and want to capture remaing small subjects. Is platinum series enuf along with full time coaching?


Start reading whenever you get time in between your work. There is no other alternative than hard work in your case. Also have been hearing that dnb is national level exam n tougher so is more important than Md.

List of must read books for AIPGME

Should I start with subject-wise revisions and buy these books? Read main systems from Harrison. And remember in the end it better to revise the subjects you have already read rather than taking up a totally new subjects.

Future can be bright if you work hard right now. There is a lot of talk abt Platinum notes book. And also here is not facility for coachings so and I had not made subject wise notes previously, so is it good idea to purchasing dams notes for revision for neet pg? Since aipg has been changed to neet, will there be any difference in the pattern of qns or a different approach toward studying? Is it possible to complete all subjects if I start now?

List of must read books for AIPGME

Yes i Studied Platinum notes and happens to be a very good Book. You can apply for online test series to get an idea about your progress. Now i am planning to prepare for med pg. And do my first year and second year subjects later? You are likely to forget the facts because there are many.

Which books to start with? All the books you will need have been mentioned in this article with respective links to buy. Preparing well for it from textbooks will automatically prepare you for entrance exams.

My internship will finish in october only. You can even consider skipping most part if you are very short of time. Do we have to study those books too? You can leave Medicine and Surgery for the end.


NEET PG 2019-2020 Free Online Solved Practice Questions

But unfortunately i was not able to match this year. Arvind Arora for both subjects is a good option. Attending classes during hectic internship is difficult to do. Could you please suggest me which books to read and it would be helpful if you give us a time-table.

Sir which book to refer for medicine. No need of reading classes noted as well as it will be like reading similar things from different books.

You can use Park for reference but Vivek Jain is enough. But Pathology is highly pursued branch. You can skip general medicine as it is very time consuming.

So concentrate on that along with other subjects. No need to wait for new editions. But sometimes i feel its a waste of time reading everything. You have a year to prepare for next year exams, so go for subjectwise books mentioned by me in this article. Should i take online test series from bhatia or dams?

Do what you feel is right for you. Give about weeks on it depending on the subject. You should aim for at least one revision. How can I go about preparing anatomy? Its a great help of your about the book selection.

NEET PG 2019-2020 Free Online Solved Practice Questions