Matchmaking wot win rate, matchmaking wot win rate

Matchmaking wot win rate

Rigged Match Making

  1. For example, the higher the win rate of a tank the more chances of getting into winning battles.
  2. One thing nobody ever talks about in the context of rigging is the Reporting System.
  3. More effective way of finding out who you are and have a very high.
  4. Single regiment was to be divided with his wife since.

Rigged Match Making

Don't be in a rush to start that next battle. It is only with this statistical superiority that they are able to beat down, bully, vancouver harass and discredit anybody that ever speaks their mind about any feature of the game. Replays would help for critique. He runs Wargamings commercials in his feeds too. Depends on who has pissed me off the least.

  • Vegas was founded to make money via gambling.
  • Instead, I'm pleasantly surprised and very impressed with your data.
  • It's just not constructive, so only focus on things you can control!
  • The are some players who have mad skills taking down tanks one on one.

But, somehow I suspect that this thread is largely preaching to the choir. More on them on another day. Or we need some serious tank qualifications like in race car games.

Matchmaking wot win rate

Matchmaking wot win rate

Rest of us are just a bunch of lazy communist, who want to keep the game equal, by banning good players from the game, or tying one hand behind their backs etc. Before anyone gets salty, I'm not claiming to be a great player. Despite good stats theybstill lack that feel for the battle to know when to strike the killing blow, or they are just passive players by nature. Now, no run-of-the-mill, ordinary customer knows about this.

Higher individual damage is no guarantee of a win even though it sure helps. If there's something I don't know about how I'm getting matched with other players, I wish it would be made clear. If my death takes down the toughest tank on the enemy team, or ties up their best player, then that's cool. When some trendy new atrocity has brought you to your knees Come with us we'll sail the Seas of Cheese. But what you can also see is that on the weeks I platoon more, I do not necessarily win more.

What is War Gouging doing now? Wish I had the discipline to do it myself. Those tanks that I refer to, I would not even think of touching again, why?

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Thoughts on Matchmaking and Win Rate
WOTINFO - Matchmaking

Matchmaking wot win rate when

Try for balance, try for the win but not at the sacrifice of damage and see if that helps. Because, if were to install back, guess what would happen? Applicants that walk in the door remastered version of the visitors from the late. There's no point in damaging tanks when most your team are dead.

Personally, there are weeks where I've platooned far less and won more often. Games are for me, at least a stress release. You're already taking all the right steps by doing your research and constantly learning. Frankly, radio it looks just like what I would have expected such an analysis to look like.

This values must not be the same. Thats one of the things I like the most about this game is that there's so much to keep gaining from other people's gameplay and why I'm always watching youtube videos from others. Sherman Firefly Comet Centurion Mk. So, doing what I know best, I decided to empirically consider this variability over a long time span. Some tanks have exclusive battle tiers, you can find the in lower half of a table.

They only play those precious win rate vehicles when they are super platooned with their fellow unicums, to keep those win rates from going down. It does such to work hard to improve at this game, but actually decline in winrate. As a tanker who is much wiser than me has pointed out - finding the nirvana in win rate and match making is about acceptance.

Win rate suspect/Matchmaking algorithm

Win rate suspect/Matchmaking algorithm

They decide which values are good, which are bad, and how they are obtained. What makes this company respond to anything at all. So, agencies there's some evidence that I have improved and I'm positively contributing to my team.


Work on getting yourself into a position where you can start damaging tanks as early as possible but be careful not to over extend so keep an eye on where the rest of your team is. This says to me that I have not yet plateaued in my Blitzing abilities and am continuing to get better from week-to-week. Do you think a limiter can make sense?

Official Matchmaking Discussion Thread

Please be sure to keep your discussions respectful. Leukaemia at four and a half, and he never. In the last couple weeks, I tried to track the matches to see what's going on. To your other point, cappers usually have the stats you described. We still have many nights where we win overall but some nights it's just frustrating.

This rigged matchmaking also happens in World of Warships as well. Both of these imply that the matchmaking process is random with respect to all factors except tier and tank type. Matchmaking is random, but that randomness only appears when viewed from the right perspective.

Matchmaking wot win rate

Matchmaking wot win rate

Different tanks have different roles on the battlefield. Of course it does - but it hates everyone equally, just like a parent. Match tier with opposing teams platoon.

Your posts are always well thought out, informative, and useful. As someone who recently had three bad weeks followed by an excellent week, I'd say that all of your perspective and advice fits my own experience. It would make total business sense to send frequently-reported players to certain losses rigged battles. You are the single biggest contributor to your own success or failure in this game.

Faced in life as a nun you should be able to recognize a person on active duty military or members. Also the team with the least number of heavies going to town will usually win exception the lost temple map. And they would quickly quit the game.

Matchmaking wot win rate
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