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In the second-season premiere, Kyle spends time in quiet seclusion with Adam Baylin, who tells him more about his past. In the midseason finale, Kyle and Jessi try to find out more about their past, while the Tragers sift through what they know about Kyle to find out who he really is. He ponders as to why people sleep as he suffers from lack of sleep. Once the boys are able to get him out of the bar, they discover Josh's car has been towed and, in a desperate attempt to avoid calling the parents, they boldly steal the car back from the impound.

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Kyle struggles with the lies needed to stay with the Tragers, and Declan demands some answers. Science fiction Teen drama. Kyle and Declan suspect that Jessi likes Kyle.

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Problems escalate as Jessi offers to show live cameras her tricks. He is taken in by a family and given the name Kyle. Tom Foss, the mystery man, has broken in and planted bugs throughout the Trager house. Meanwhile, Kyle receives a cryptic warning that makes him wonder who he can actually trust.

Meanwhile, the Tragers try to get used to life without Kyle, ipang tentang cinta but it's Nicole who suffers the most from his absence. Kyle and Jessi link telepathically and together block the C. The second season resumes as Kyle returns to the Tragers to tell them the truth about his existence.

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Meanwhile, Declan seems to be getting somewhat jealous about Lori once she starts hanging out and talking to Mark. Mackye Gruber Chris Bender J. She is later captured, endangering Kyle in the process. The episode ends with Kyle meeting Sarah in the same diner that was seen in the old photograph.

He tries to understand his feelings for Amanda. Meanwhile, Jessi's life after Zzyzx begins. Meanwhile, Amanda worries about a long-distance relationship and Jessi finds out Emily's secret.

At home, the Tragers wrestle amongst themselves over accepting Kyle back into the family. Meanwhile, Brian Taylor seeks parenting advice from Nicole. The key to opening a box Kyle found in the ruins of Zzyzx depends on him gaining entry to Madacorp and getting his hands on Ballantine's ring.

Declan and Kyle get involved in a fistfight when a college boy tries to punch Kyle. Kyle's training gets in the way of family life, and Hollander takes the first step toward infiltrating the Tragers. Kyle goes to see a psychic at a fair, who reveals to him that his soulmate is in danger.

Meanwhile, Lori and Jessi are having trouble with each other and Josh's multiple phone calls to Andy go unanswered, but she shows up at the hospital after he leaves her a pained voicemail. She can't see him because she used her mother's birthday surprise as an excuse to tell her that she has dropped out. Meanwhile, Jessi makes an announcement about her relationship with Sarah. What's the Frequency, Kyle?

The music supervisor for the show is Chris Mollere. Meanwhile, Taylor continues to push Jessi in her training for a Latnok presentation.

The episode concludes with Brian Taylor telling a hospitalized Jessi he is her father. Kyle then enlists Jessi's help to save Amanda, but winds up actually saving Jessi instead of Amanda following an accident at the concert. Kyle takes Jessi on a trip to University of Washington to learn more about the woman with Baylin in the old photograph, Sarah Emerson, while she continues to try proving that she is better than Kyle.

Foss, now held captive by Ballantine, begins to be interrogated under a lie detector. Meanwhile, Kyle's mission is to f. Meanwhile, Amanda's mother witnesses Kyle mastering levitation.

Hillary and Lori dip into social activism when they find they can't buy tickets to go to the dance together, Kyle gets nervous about his first date, and Jessi sparks a reaction. The pair investigate and are shocked to discover that Sarah had not abandoned Jessi and was actually murdered by Cassidy.

The gray lines between right and wrong are tested after a cheating scandal rocks Beachwood High. Kyle and Amanda's relationship hits a period of uncertainty after she makes a surprise visit home - but is uncharacteristically cagey about the reason why. To make matters worse, the other driver is a pregnant woman named Gretchen, who then goes into labor.

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Kyle delves deeper into Baylin's research hoping to find an answer. After a long search, Kyle finally starts to get some of the answers he was looking for. Kyle and Jessi follow clues from Adam to get answers, but what they find may be the biggest betrayal Kyle has experienced.

With it, Kyle and Jessi are able to enter the secret room. To his horror, Kyle learns that the secret society is going ahead with a production of multiple clones of Kyle. Meanwhile, the Trager's sort through all that they know about Kyle in order to make sense of who he really is.