Kuroko no basket dating quiz, choose a color. (but seriously. this is very... important.)

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Momoi turns the stick over and sees that it's actually worth one free ice cream. Thus, born this ridiculous story. Do like you said, become his lucky item.

The whole gym stopped, turning to watch the couple, though Takao was pretty sure that they had no clue. Kise got into a car accident that wiped out his entire memory. Takao is excited, until he really isn't. It's up to Masako to find out where he went, but she won't like the answer.

Can't they see how wonderful her models are doing? The clack sounds fill the cold living room. Remember to answer these questions creatively and link back to me when you're done. You think his arm would get tired holding it up like that all the time.

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Tell me if you liked this, who your fave ship was, and your least fave was. During the time-out, Riko tells her players that Momoi has researched and analysed the second years play, but she can't predict the movements of Kuroko and Kagami. She has been all her life.

Sheesh, when I tell him to take a page out of Aika's book he really does it. What do the rest have to say about that? Pinkie Pie had recently convinced her landlords, Mr. Here's their story of their everyday life.

Aomine is substituted into the game along with Kagami. Behind her sour face, the megane, or Midorima Shintarou is actually a tsundere queen. How is he going to pay his university fees?

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Everyone that is, except for Aika, who was unusually quiet as she picked away at her lunch. She handed him his things, answering his questions about exactly what happened as she cleaned up her stuff. Anyway, I know nothing about you, really! Your parents called and you needed to come home for a few weeks. We have a couple practice matches this Saturday, internet you could bring lunch.

She let out a nervous laugh. Which means that given today's horoscope he won't be asking Aika on a date like I suggested. Well I guess I'll just have to wait and see how it all works out Aika thought, sitting down and organizing her stuff. She kept flapping her shirt but she never felt anything move around.

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Aomine is shoved in by Momoi and he says to her that they've come at the right time, as both Kuroko and Kise are about to enter the field for the last showdown. Before the second half, Momoi informs her team of Kuroko's Misdirection and how it works. Kagami's parents have invited him and Kuroko to Los Angeles. Oh Kise, you still owe me a Basket Robin cake, goddammit!

Your rent, your food expanses, everything is covered. We've only lived next to each other our entire lives. When the time came, good safe dating everyone headed back inside.

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Aika watched as Midorima quickly came around, his team members not giving him any other choice. Nijimura wrote a memoir, and Kuroko is proofreading it for him. Seirin decides to trust Kagami and Kuroko with the ball. At the same time, she didn't just want him forgetting the kiss that easily. They have still pretty much behaved the same Takao thought.

  • Really what could she add, he was by far luckier than she ever would be.
  • Well, Midorima is rather strange at times, like how he follows his horoscope to a tee.
  • So, receiving such a gentle smile from the opposite gender is foreign to her.
  • Kuroko Tetsuya, a very fine man with beautiful light blue hair and matching eyes, stares at them blankly as he continues slurping his favorite vanilla shake.
  • The pen dances smoothly, forming letters, symbols, and numbers.
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This here is a Featured Article. It's never just the two of us, there's always a group and he never acts like he likes me in any way. Her smile became much bigger, online dating arguments when she saw the corners of his mouth turn up into wide smile.

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Kuroko Tetsuya lets out a long sigh. Since then she constantly flirted with Kuroko by asking to go home with him and giving him water specially during practices. For the rest of the afternoon she visited him between each class during their short breaks, just asking him about random things. Later on, Kise and Momoi meet Midorima who was getting a drink from the vending machine.

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  1. And tell my mom, stop making crochet!
  2. You're going to get cavities sooner or later.
  3. Aika's mom had asked Takao to stay late the nights she had vocal lessons so that Aika wouldn't have to walk home alone.
  4. Nonetheless, Rarity was grateful to be able to spend some more time with one of her closest friends.
  5. Momoi eyes him from bottom to top.
  6. Her eyes floated over to Midorima, who was still standing there with a shocked expression on his face.

Choose a color. (But seriously. This is very... important.)

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She visited him again after their first class after lunch, cupid filipino asking him if he had time to study for his quiz during his next class. She really wanted to tease him as well but instead just asked how he thought he did on his quiz. Both teams go to their locker rooms and Momoi goes to search for Aomine. And Aomine visualizes him as a nerd with haircut.

Because of this, she has a lot of experience with basketball and loves the sport very much. Disclaimer- I do not own Kuroko no Basket and any of its related characters, themes, etc. She's his weapon i already so whats the harm of dating? Kuroko throws her a quizzical look.

Aika let out a silent scream, sending several more curses to Takao. Soon they slowly started to emerge and when Takao and Midorima came through the doors, Aika waved to them. It would be the opposite of her intent if it did.

If you ignore her tapping foot, that is. Grabbing a few things out of it, he turned to put them on his desk only to find that it was already occupied by a head. They had gotten along well when they first met and while he didn't fully understand why, he soon began to like her. Harasawa is worried for their defence but Momoi tells him that it's fine since she gave data to the other four players. Imayoshi is able to use this to his advantage.

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