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What is the main reason for establishing a baseline? Which of the following are objectives of the Release and Deployment Management process? Article on Problem Management. Facilities Management refers to? Only one person can be responsible for an activity.

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Contains a set of tools and databases that are used to manage Configuration data b. Data mining and workflow tools. Configuration Management c. Setting the rights or privileges of systems to allow access to authorized users.

Which of the following Roles is responsible for identifying opportunities for improvement? Defining security policies for system access.

Change records should reference the configuration items that are affected by the change. Contains a set of tools and databases that are used to manage Configuration data.

Monitoring the availability of systems that users should have access to. The main objective of Availability Management is?

Business Process Management. The following options are considered within which process? To ensure that skills and knowledge are transferred to operations and support staff. Incident Management has a value to the business by? Includes information about suppliers, online editable wedding invitation cards business units customers and users c.

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Is a repeatable way of dealing with a change b. It delivers a specific result. Is maintained by Configuration Management d. It documents the lifecycle of a change b. They provide structure and stability to organizations.

What is the purpose of the Request Fulfillment Process? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Which is the correct sequence of events in the selection of a technology tool? They rely on processes for cross-functional coordination and control. Measurement and reporting systems.

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Operations Control refers to? The Business Process responsible for managing Risks that could seriously impact the business is called?

It responds to a specific event. The present commitment of funds in order to receive a return in the future in the form of additional cash inflows or reduced cash outflows is known as? Should have reference to the configuration items affected d. Only one person can be accountable for an activity. It delivers its primary result to a customer or stakeholder.

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Demand Management is primarily used to? What is the best definition of an Incident Model? It should refer even the rejected changes c.

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Each change record documents the lifecycle of a single change. Hot and Cold Standby are associated with?

The priority of an Incident refers to? One or more attributes of an asset that make it particularly useful for a given purpose is known as? Includes information about suppliers, business units customers and users. Business Capacity Management. The four stages of the Deming Cycle are?

Which of the following is a good use of a baseline? The objective of the Change Management process is most accurately described as? The activity responsible for understanding the resource requirements needed to support a new application or a major change to an existing application is termed as? Which of the following statements are true about Configuration Management System?

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In which core publication can you find detailed descriptions of the following? Defines pre-defined steps to be followed for a change d. May not require approval c. You can also learn more about the exam format, the certification process, and potential career paths, here. Thank you for visiting Hope this site helped you.

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How does an organization use Resources and Capabilities in creating value? Take this test to learn where you stand! Configuration Identification b. Which off the following is a characteristic of every process?