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Simple image comparison in .NET

Automatically compare digital pictures, find duplicates and determine the best shot. We think our duplicate picture finder is one of the best solutions on the market. Finally, it asks you whether you want to locate similar or duplicate images, and where you want to save the results. This trial version finds duplicate photos, but does not allow moving, deleting or copying them.

The Image Pairs tab displays similar or duplicate images side by side. Sexually explicit or offensive language. So I introduced a threshold a value that the difference had to exceed to be counted. Do you have scores or even hundreds of photos squirreled away on various drives? Summary Best programm to find and delete duplicate pic.

If your collection isn't so large - no problem! Visualization and comparison of sorting algorithms in C.

One of the unique features of this software is that it also shows the percentage of pixels and color differences. This is where my story ends. Nor does it have many options or deep customization. After seeing that, I changed my mind. On powering up, Image Comparer steps through a wizard, which includes a short text intro about how to use the software.

Right, you start losing control over your collection, and here problems begin. It's a mere sample, not a trial program. But what if you have a hundred? Personally, I was impressed by all these software, as they seamlessly did what they are supposed to do. If you do it by hand, it'll take you quite a while.

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This kind of sample, as opposed to a temporary functional program, should be discouraged. View them in pairs or see the top ten similar images and keep the best one! Then I found some code that would grayscale an image. It is possible to change the run priority of the comparison, which could be useful, though I didn't try out the different settings.

Hi, first of all ty for the very nice coding i try to use the functions with multi-threading but the performance for each thred will be slower and slower. However, the trial program is in my opinion not functional because you can't do anything with it. If you are like most digital shooters, you probably have several hundred or even a few thousand digital pictures stored in various folders.

Now, let us get started with these visual image comparison software and see how to use them for comparing images. Pros Best programm to find and delete duplicate pic.

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This will enable you to highlight small differences or keep them dark as you wish. You can specify the level of visual similarity that is sufficient to consider pictures to be duplicates. It sets a white background.

ImageComparer Class (ing)

ImageComparer Class (ing)

Cons Best programm to find and delete duplicate pic. Image Comparer's interface is quite simple, with only two tabs.

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The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. To precisely identify the difference, it also allows you to apply Gain and Offset to the result.

Image Comparer scans through the whole collection of yours. Tried another products like Dup Detector and Image Dupeless, but Image Comparer do the best Cons Works slow on images, but still get an excellent results. So, being able to move or delete those found was not an issue at this point, as long as that actually works well in a purchased copy. This is a started out as a set of simple extension methods for the System.

Then, you click on Process and sit back. Get rid of the duplicates automatically! And just how many of them are duplicates or near duplicates? After installing and opening this software, a pop-up window will appear on which you would need to add the images which you want to compare.

It is the best in its class, since it compares audio files by their sound, not tags. The software is very fast, and in seconds you have presented pairs of clones. Summary Brilliant detection software somewhat hamstrung by not-so-brilliant option set. Hello Graeme, Thank you for that offer to share your update. Firstly thank you for sharing this with others.

Alternatively, a user can specify which images need to be deleted, moved or copied. Active offers for Image Comparer For bloggers!

Highly recommend it to all people professionally dealing with lots of images! Instead, it will overlay the second image over the first image such that when you hover your mouse cursor over the image, edrawings viewer 2014 you will be able to see the visual difference on the hovered section.

Image Comparer

But I don't get how you could add extended method on image class. You don't need to read this chapter to use the extension methods, so if you don't care about how I created the software - just skip to the Using the code bit. Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff. Hi Graeme I just downloaded current version on this page that doesn't have your perf improvements. If you cache this, then you can do comparisons quickly on the fly.