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Harz single malt, the Glen Els - Harzer Single Malt Whisky

As with The Journey, the wood-smoking makes its presence felt. The whisky is distilled twice and stored mainly in bourbon casks with some finishing for special bottlings. The whisky and the fruit brands with which the distillery began is well known in a wider area around southern Germany. Me next to the current wash still and master distiller Alexander Buchholz with a Madeira cask of Glen Els.

Several years ago, they started the production of a single grain whisky using wheatknown as Schwäbischer Whisky Swabian Whisky. In he started turning out small batches of whisky using a recipe consisting of corn, wheat and rye. Peat is present in the mountains, in the soil under the trees and therefore inaccessible and not used for fuel. Other popular releases can be also found under the second brand name The Alrik.

Slyrs The Slyrs Distillery was founded in. Fruity with a hint of smoke, this is approachable, but also has enough complexity to sip and enjoy after dinner. The distillery continues to produce eaux-de-vie, liqueurs and their original herbal liqueur. Each batch carries the year s of distillation on the back label, and are uncoloured and non chill-filtered. The present owner is a fourth generation member of the family, Holger Höhler.

Very long, with the sweeter notes slowly overtaken by dry clove spice. This whisky is aged for three years in new, unused American white oak barrels with a gallon capacity.

Hammerschmiede Profile

Rich with notes of dark chocolate orange, sultanas and butterscotch. The sweet notes slowly disappear leaving a delightful light smokiness. Edit A bottle of Whesskey German whisky is a distilled beverage produced in Germany made from grains traditionally associated with the production of whisky. An ash-like smokiness is present in the background, too.

He agreed on the condition that he could produce something that would be representative of the region. Typical of a sherry-matured whisky.

After many attempts at perfecting the art he sold his first whisky in and four years later his son Thomas and wife Petra took over the operations. Casks are important at Hammerschmiede.

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The Harz Mountain Single Malt matures in different casks, like sherry-, marsala- or madeira-casks. At that point there were only three distilleries producing whisky today there are hundredsof which one was the Hammerschmiede distillery in the Harz mountains, producer of The Glen Els. The Harz Mountain Single Malt matures in different casks, meine stadt nürnberg sie sucht ihn like sherry- marsala- or madeira-casks.

Warmer and spicier than The Journey. The texture is creamy and helps to balance the level of spice. This is a great introduction to German whisky. Fruity nose with orange and lemon joined by vanilla and butterscotch, with a hint of smoke.

Everything is done by hand from distillation, including nosing and tasting the spirit to decide when to make the cuts between foreshots, heart and tails, to bottling and labelling. Cinnamon spice intermingles with bitter orange and marzipan, along with some sweeter notes of toffee and a hint of tangy sherbet. The old warehouse of the Hammerschmiede was built between and in a late romanic - early gothic style. Blackwood Edit The Blackwood distillery Seeger in Calw -Holzbronn has been producing whisky using wheat since the s. These whiskies are aged for a three-year period and when bottled sell out quickly.

Medium to long, with the bitter orange the last to dissipate. In the late s, Alexander Buchholz was asked by his father, Karl-Theodor, whether he wanted to join the business.

The Glen Els - Harzer Single Malt Whisky

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The whiskies produced have been in the style of Irish, Scotch single malt, rye and bourbon. It produces Slyrs Bavarian Single Malt. He made his first attempt at making whisky, a pure single malt, three years later. An unusual fact is that sometimes woodsmoked malt is used for the production.

Silky and sweet at first, with Stollentoffee, butterscotch and vanilla. Whisky production will move from a litre wash still and litre spirit still, to a pair which can hold litres each. The distillery offers five different brands of whisky.

The Glen Els – whisky from the Harz of Germany

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