Dc Unlocker For Zte Mf190

ZTE MF Idea Unlock Solution

And what is a new username and password please? But i will try your above mentioned method and see whether i can get it unlocked. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Unlock ZTE MF190 Idea 3G Modem using DC Unlocker Unlimited Credits

How to Unlock ZTE MF Modem Free

For example, I use the usb modem with its original sim card, but with an other connection software, and it works for two and a half minutes, then it turns red and disconnects. Unable to connect to server.

Is there any solution to this. Right now it is no more detecting any sim card even glo sims. Please can u help me with the solution. You have to create profiles for those networks as explained in the article.

Thanx for ur assistance for all. Pls sir i will be glad if u help me out. So simply saying, unlocking a modem will make it universal and eliminate any sort of restrictions on it.

Unlock ZTE MF Airtel 3G Modem using DC Unlocker Unlimited Credits

Pls help me to solve the problem. After unlocking it, i can use any network sim but can only browse on my computer that I already installed the modem drivers before unlocking. Author for this useful piece of information. Hope it is not heading to D grave. You must create a new settings for each provider you intend to use.

Hi Don Caprio, Thank you for sharing this information, it is well explained. Based on the provider you use and what the default program user interface looks like, you must locate where to create a new configuration profile. Pls kindly help me, what can I do? Your email address will not be published.

Very good it worked for my globolt zte mfA. Hi Sir pls am having problem on the username and password. Thank you soooooooo much Don.

Locking an unlocked modem? Thank you so much for this assistance you have given.

How to Unlock ZTE MF190 Modem Free

You may consider adding web as username and password. The case may be different but you can still try what I did that fixed mine. Hello Don, My problem is very simple, i unlocked my modem using the procedure you already written.

Please i tried to unlock glo zte m following the method you have shown above. Thumbs up bro, U jst saved me some tym and cash. Thank you for the quick answer Don Caprio. Go to Options and locate network settings.

Do you have a solution for this? When I am doing the above I am connected to the internet. But the issue now is it nolonger connects. What I mean by the default program is the program from which you connect the modem to your home network.

The instructions are clear. Your software helped me alot. So it does not let me unlock anything, because it is already unlocked.

You should use the dc unlocker included in this article and disconnect from the internet as explained above. Your password for the dc unlocker is not going as well. It seems like the modem looks for a specific connection manager, if it is not found, kingsoft office 2013 full version it disconeccts. When I rechecked the status of the modem using your program it shows that the modem is unlocked. Then your site for d post u wrote on that but could not help until i stumbled on one software i used to genereate the unlock code with the imei.

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And it was working fine all this while after unlocking until recently? You have to create new configuration profiles for other networks in your settings.

To unlock it, I had to update its firmware, but without unlocking, the firmware was unable to update. Pls Sir, I already generated the code, nd i follow d instruction that i should put another sim into d modem asking for unlock code, with all this effort is not work. When the modem is connected to a different computer, its drivers do not install. Perhaps the software will do it using the same procedure.

These are for some of the major Nigerian networks. Unable to get the device detected, any idea? Your modem should be unlocked after some seconds. It should work if unlocked.