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But I just saw a pic of the same bag with the same serial on a different post. For more Gucci zipper intel, check the bottom of the post for more pictures of the top and inside of a Gucci Boston Bag. The zipper pull will be made out of the same material, canvas or leather, as the rest of the bag. Does your man's behavior totally confuse you? Happy New dear, I am so happy I found your blog.

How to Date My Gucci Purse

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  2. Can anyone tell me if this Number is a fake?
  3. Hello, I have enjoyed reading the posts here and you are very helpful with your answers so I have a question about, of course, a Coach bag.
  4. These numbers are correct or not?

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How to Authenticate Gucci Handbags

  • Gucci Hobo leather handbag.
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  • These are just more reasons why the absence or presence of a serial number shouldn't be construed as evidence of whether the bag is real.
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Guccio Gucci is the man who started the Gucci brand. Today, occasionally a special edition Coach bag may have a serial number stamped on the creed. Some of these photos need to be close-ups, so you can see the details. Hi will you please check if the number found inside the Gucci bag I purchased secondhand are authentic.

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Gucci Marmont velvet handbag. Gucci Dionysus velvet handbag. Typically the serial and style numbers on the same type of Gucci bag are the same.

Where did Gucci hand bags originate? While the style number is consistent with the Gucci website, the second row of numbers can change each season because this tag refers to the factory where the bag was produced. One of the great things about Gucci bags is the level of detail in each one, the fabric or leather, the hardware, and the tag with serial number.

This is leather with the logo embossed on it. Is there any information you can give me on the year it was made. Gucci Dionysus leather crossbody bag. What is gucci mane's father name? We'll assume you're ok with this, pot dating but you can opt-out if you wish.

Hi can you check if my gucci bag is authentic. He would be someone who thinks he is a gift to women and thinks very highly of himself. Late in the s, the letters representing the factory location came before the three or four numbers representing the manufacturing date. Under the word bargain probably doesn't come to.

The placement of the numbers vary on the purses, depending on the style of bag, dating the collection and the season in which the bag was produced. Attached is closeup and receipt of a Gucci Dionysus if you can let me know what you think it would help a lot. Closeup of Gucci tag and stitching. Date code embossed on tag inside a Louis Vuitton handbag.

Pre-owned Gucci Bags for women

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The leather is very soft and supple, light carmel color with a shoulder strap. That matches the pictures online. You are absolutely right about the G in the circle.

You wouldn't know it was Coach until you opened it up and saw the creedo. In fact, it's a bit of history hanging right on your arm. Could you tell me the shape of the bag and its color?

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They do come with dustbags, the colors of which have varied over the years. Obviously, the pieces are models of refinement and glamour. Under the larger red flap is velcro, under the smaller is a zip, american dating though nylon. Could you help me with this please?

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Finding the Serial Number

Coach enthusiasts are serious about serial numbers and may have near-encyclopedic knowledge of them. With genuine Gucci bags, the stitching is usually tighter and more even, the hardware fits more snugly and evenly, and the material is solid and heavy. If so, this bag might not have a leather tag with the serial number imprinted on it because it is considered a wallet with a chain, and not a purse.


Could you please help me with this. The serial number is on one line and the style number is on another. Gucci Marmont leather clutch bag. Is there anyway to authenticate?

Since the authenticators are volunteering their expertise, they are strict about adherence to certain rules, so make sure to include the requested information. This a an open case in ebay. Is this the bag that you just recently purchased? My grandmother left me a vintage Gucci canvas cosmetic bag. If it is a second-hand Gucci bag, call the store where the original purse was sold to verify the purchase.

Look at the Fabric or Leather

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