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But if she duets with Bruno Mars it will suck, because his music is a total repetitive bore. Bruno was writing and producing for other artists before going solo. However, I dont think Bruno is a horrible dancer from what I saw last year.

Unfornately She has her own label though. The Official Epic Records Site. People have different tastes, but there's a lot in what she's offering that works for me.

Can't believe I'm the honoree today. Sandra Bland, say her name. Observer Music Monthly section, p. Jerame Reid, say his name. Michael was hella pop friendly.

But I do miss him, and his spirit will never leave me. What they have in common for me personally is that they both saved me from mid-tempo hell. An artist may be inspired by another artist, but that doesn't define what they want to be or at least it shouldnt. It's actually exciting follow her career, one year of dating something I almost forgot in these years.

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We want white America to know that we stand tall today. Chris Brown on the other hand does not do alot of crowd interaction and just does straight choregraphy and he is not a real artist and he cant sing. It's an experiment I'm doing. They also are very humble. Free Checkout Added to cart.

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Not a fan of her music, but she is one hot good looking lady though. Does Bruno write, compose or play any instruments? Nope about Bruno, being bigger than her doesn't mean he is better. Journal of Popular Music Studies. All I see is someone desperately wishing they were from a time that's not there's.

She has since stated that she identifies with both bisexuality and pansexuality. My indie project that I released when I was thirteen? That said, I saw her last year, and, though it was an enjoyable show, I was a bit disappointed that she didn't really connect with the audience as well as I anticipated. Anything else is unnecessary.

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  1. People in the industry at the time were putting a lot of pressure on her to showing skin and having a certain image but she refused and make a statement with that.
  2. She's the mediator between the haves and the have-nots, the oppressed and the oppressor.
  3. You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.

Carlos Saldanha discusses casting Burno Mars Janelle Monae in Rio 2

Welcome to Wondaland Records. Don't come at me with that weak shit, as if me not being a superstar means I can't have an opinion on other musicians. So, perhaps she's still got some developing to do as a performer.

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Why should he be compared to Monae or anybody's music? His music might not be on the same level as Monaes but his music is not that that bad. We want black America to know we stand tall today. They need to be able to pull from their influences and still imbue it with their own originality. Her voice is heard as veterinarian Dr.

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It's good to be here again. American singer, songwriter, rapper, model, actress, and producer. Hell, best dating website for even the greats didn't always hit that spot.

Their performance received a standing ovation. And yeah Bruno writes, composes and plays guitar and keyboard. Create new Playlist title. Bruno's music stands on his own.

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That cheesy song she did with Fun. Geniuses who set the stage on fire with their craft, who knew how to work an audience. And at the top of that she's a black unconventional woman owning her own record label! Her last album didn't have a single dud. Tell me you ain't never had a criticism of another musician.

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Even James knew how to get crossover success. It's always so over the top and unnatural. Plus, the performances I've seen from her promotion of it had a genuinely buoyant and uncontrived vibe going on in them.

  • Glad to see some of you are finally seeing it.
  • Maybe they will record a duet together for the soundtrack too!
  • Hopefully their music will match their look.
  • In what world Bruno Mars is more innovative or better than Janelle Monae?
  • Eric Garner, say his name.

What I'm saying is that he is one key thing over her - popularity and hits. People knew that the moonwalk wasn't his and that the opening was straight out of Fosse's book but no one cared because he elevated to his own level. He's smart and he's a brilliant performer, dating website czech and if he works at it and comes back even stronger when his next album comes around the show could be over.

Someone like Bruno Mars could be in that position. Tightrope, as good as it may be, sounds like a retread of a style that's been around for a long time, dating back well before Janelle's existence. Bruno is already dating someone y'all. When I see Janelle or D, I don't feel the originality mixed in there. But I still think he and Janelle would make a great couple.

Janelle Mon e
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