Bradford white hot water heater dating, serial number date code reference ( 100)

Bradford White

Bradford White expert review by ConsumerAffairs Bradford White manufactures a wide range of residential, commercial and volume water heaters. Horrible people to deal with. Don't buy their products, they are the worst. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way!


The ConsumerAffairs Research Team believes everyone deserves to make smart decisions. Natural Gas Water Heaters. Consumers can check out details and features of each innovation online.

Power Direct Vent Propane Gas Models Power Direct Vent models are the solution to installations that lack sufficient air for combustion and require installation flexibility. This greatly reduces the homeowner's wait time for hot water at the fixtures in the morning. For that, I could have just put in a new hot water heater. We check the hot water tank to find our basement was wet and water continued from the hot water tank. They're perfect for under counter installations.

Like all household appliances, water heaters eventually wear out. This easily installed control can be attached directly to the water heater with the mounting bracket provided or it can be mounted remotely. Initially I was thinking buy American. They were not leaking yet. You may discover that some parts wear out before the tank itself.

  1. Therefore, no warranty coverage for us.
  2. Called the rep, she asked for warranty card.
  3. Commercial Gas Electronic Ignition.
Dating Hot Water Heaters - Serial number codes

Bradford White manufactures a wide range of residential, commercial and volume water heaters. There has to be a line drawn in the sand. The part that sucks the most it cost me over dollars the first time and another to get replaced. Special orders While we stock thousands of parts for Bradford White products it's possible that the one you need may not be on our shelves. Their products and poor workmanship is not worth your valuable time and money!

My plumber was not even able to get his work reimbursed by installing it again. Some parts inside it melted. Drained tank as part of annual maintenance. Now it's leaking at the top. Commercial Electric Models.

Bradford White - Hot Water Products Inc

Stand behind your products Bradford White! Try entering the water heater model and your parts options should show up. Over several months my plumber came out numerous time, plus a few other tradesmen. My past experience has been that water heaters begin with a drip under the tank indicating it's time for replacement.

In addition, at the bottom of each page there are links directly to Bradford White's glossary and reference tools pages. Our plumber recommended a Bradford White water heater which we had installed. We also stock numerous pressure switches and thermal reset switches required for the latest Bradford White models. Late Sunday evening I notice that we did not have hot water.

Bradford white hot water heater dating

On the top navigation bar you'll find a direct link to Bradford White's parts lists. However, it's possible to prolong the life of a water heater by following the proper care instructions that come with the units. Rheem does not care if you self-install providing you do it correctly - which means don't fire it up without water in it which their electronic control module would record.

Bradford white hot water heater dating


Bradford white hot water heater dating

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Serial Number Date Code Reference ( 100)

This could and perhaps have caused damage to my plumbing. The module also features an audible alarm that is activated if a leak is detected and is de-activated if a leak has been corrected. Now I have to keep the temperature scalding hot in order to have enough hot water for all my needs.

Our contractor will no longer use their products. The control also allows water to be stored at its highest set point temperature during peak demand hours. They advised me to call the Corp. Bradford White is a waste of money and time. If you are stuck please use the contact us form and we'll reply promptly.


Water sometimes hot, sometimes cold for a while. Will get the water sensors that we can place underneath in case of a future leak. If you're uncertain of the correct part number we encourage you to use this site's many resources to confirm details. Be in the know Get trending consumer news and recalls.

Serial Number Date Code Reference ( )

Bradford White Water Heaters. Built to be the best

Replaced water heater in August with Bradford White Hydrojet Total performance system and when I went to take a bath this morning before work, I stepped into an ice cold bath. Besides making a mess in my basement, I was also responsible for the labor for replacing the device. Our Bradford White gas water heater was installed in when we had the house re-piped. You have to go through a supplier for replacement parts, really ridiculous. The water always checked ok when they were here, Afterward it would get cold after one shower.

Bradford white hot water heater dating

My husband called Bradford White home office. Water is maintained at the optimum temperature when it will most likely be needed. Roberto was prompt and pleasant. Also included is a list of items not covered under warranty. If the part is not listed please contact us and we'll do our best to get it to you as soon as possible.

In we needed a new water heater. Our plumber went to Ferguson plumbing with no results to even have the factory representative call him. If your model is not listed find additional lists here. Still costs me about bucks, I think Bradford White should pay for this too.

Don't purchase a Bradford White! ConsumerAffairs Research Team. Don't do business with companies like this!

The first step in making a great water heater even better is the installation of the Accessory Module. All that I am asking for is some kind of reimbursement for the labor cost. We will never compromise our standards and fail to keep our promises to the millions of customers who buy our products.

Units contain various vent types, including atmospheric, power, direct power and direct vents. After you pay for labor twice within a few years, marriage not you are close to the cost of installing a much more dependable brand. The heater is leaking and needs to be replaced. Fortunately caught early enough.

  • Damper Atmospheric Vent Propane Gas Models These models feature an automatic flue damper that helps to reduce stand-by heat loss.
  • Water started coming out of top side seam.
  • If you wish to read their full written philosophy online you can find it on their website.
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